Enhance your member services with our Advanced AI Assistant

Available 24/7 to provide quick, personalised member support, using advanced AI and Large Language Models such as GPT designed to enhance your member service, enabling you to focus staff on growing your mutual.

✓ Free trial ✓ Your AI Chatbot based on your website

A highly personalised experiences that members will love

With out chatbot always on, deliver a highly personalised experience for each and every member that uses it.

Resolve customer issues quickly, accurately, and at scale

CU Chat can provide members with the right answers, every time, personalised to each question.


Our chatbot is designed for you and improves constantly with new credit union specific updates released weekly.

Get up and running instantly. Reduce call volume and shorten handle times immediately. 

Staff hours deployed to other tasks

Years supporting credit unions

Conversations with members


Talk to us and Get started with CU Chat

Step 1: Book a demo

Allow us to show you the features that are enhancing the customer service experience for other Credit Unions.

Step 2: Customise your chat bot

From loan calculation features to naming your chatbot, we’ll customise your chat bot to your needs.

Step 3: Grow your Credit Union with 24/7 support

Once launched, you’ll be able to redeploy staff, focussed on building your member base and increasing revenue. 

Credit Union CU Chat Features

By using advanced AI and Large Language Models like GPT for credit unions, CU Chat is able to learn everything it needs to know about your credit union and provide a personalised response to members, every time.

Lead capture for new members

Security focussed, as you’d expect

Interactive loan calculator built-in

Staff take over, balanced support

Complete account management

Credit Union Chat FAQs

How does CU Chat handle personal data?

As a service handling member personal data, CU Chat is fully compliant with GDPR, ensuring personal data is stored in Dublin, Ireland and controlled by the credit union. CU Apps provide a Data Processing Agreement and DPIA giving further details on how data is handled.

Will my chatbot be specific to my credit union?

Yes! Your chatbot will respond with your credit union’s answers to your member’s queries.

The chat bot can be customised directly for your credit union, including your loans and savings products, the branches you have and if you have specific queries unique to your credit union, we can add these. 

How much does it cost and is there a minimum term?

CU Chat has no upfront fees and just one monthly cost. For pricing in please contact us

There is a 6-month minimum term, a 90 day cancellation notice is required. Meaning your credit union can try CU Chat without being stuck in lengthy contracts

Do you provide insights and analytics?

Yes! We distribute a weekly insight report that includes for e.g. most frequently asked questions by your members and insights into member trends. Credit unions have access to a portal where they can view conversations and live analytics.

Do you provide an SLA?

Yes! CU Apps makes its platform available with a 99.99% target service availability as a standard. The details of our SLA are outlined in our contract.

How do you use our data? Is there a data flow chart?

Yes. The chatbot is considered as a data collection and processing tool and therefore falls within the scope of GDPR. 

Can we name our chatbot?

Of course you can! We try to make the design and name of each chatbot specific to the credit union. Credit unions pick their own name, colour schemes and avatar.

How does request a callback work?

Callback emails are issued from CU Apps to the CU. The CU can select the CU / staff email address that they wish to have access to LiveChat and to nominate an email box to which they want callback emails to be sent to (as per the CU’s own internal Access Control process).

Does the member need to agree to the privacy policy before starting a chat?

In order to accept and process personal data, consent from users/members is required. This consent is collected via a tick-box option before a member can engage past the first screen with the chatbot. (‘I agree to X Credit Union’s Data Privacy Notice’).

Croydon Plus Credit Union 
Michael Wilson, CEO

“Our journey of finding a provider for our mobile app service has been a long one. We looked at various options but couldn’t quite find to that fit our needs. Until CU Apps came along.

From the initial meeting, the team could not be more helpful. The thing we initially like was they listened, the team showed genuine engagement from the first meeting and clearly wanted to understand our needs.
Each time we had a follow-up conversation they demonstrated how they had considered our requirements and how they could be delivered.
They were honest if we asked for something that wasn’t available they told us, however, added items to a wish list for future possibilities.
Since onboarding with CU Apps we have seen a massive transformation in the number of members using our online services. Members have consistently told us that they like the features and how easy the app is to use.
The team at CU Apps have always been available to us and continue to show us support and provide us with tips on how to ensure the best use out of the services they provide.”

Lanarkshire Credit Union
Aaron Kerr, CEO

“Digital transformation, brand identity & actionable analytics are not merely just buzzwords that are used to sound flashy and interesting, partnering with CU Apps has brought Lanarkshire Credit Union into digital relevance. Introducing the mobile app has drastically changed how we operate, with a 32% decrease in the volume of calls and enquiries, we are better placed to serve without any additional resources. It has allowed us to focus on our strategic goal of providing that open relationship to the member, with communication, convenience, and ease of use at the forefront. I would wholeheartedly recommend CU Apps to anyone looking to take their Credit Union to the next stage.”